In The Time of Titles

Since Nigel did it so much better than I’d hoped to, I bring you his post!

Trials of Eyeliner

There are few designers within SL to whom I would create an altar. Mr. Poet is one of them. He made a huge splash when sculpts were the Big Deal and I would visit the store at least once a month to look for more more more. And suddenly… nothing. My heart broke.

It is with great pleasure I found that he has returned to the world of creating- and creating in Mesh- to this month’s Men’s Department with the Military Drape Greatcoat Set. As with all creations from Mr. Poet, the outfit is layered so the shirt, vest, kerchief, jacket, and all of the attachments are individual so you can wear, mix and match at your leisure. Available in 5 color sets, 5 sizes, and all mix and matchable this return to creation is… ok, ok, I’ll stop gushing! Put more plainly: I love it.


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