The Mesh Project Male Body, or, Ennio Morricone’s Best-Known Music Goes Here

Howdy folks! I picked up the new male body from The Mesh Project a bit ago, and while I’ve posted a few photos over on Flickr with it, where I’ve worked like crazy to clean it up, I thought it was prime time to sit down and assess the body on its own merits, rather than as a canvas for me to play with Photoshop. I’ve altered levels and contrast on all of these, but I’ve otherwise left it be, so you can gauge the thing on its own merits.

Page break because there is pixel nudity behind the break.

OK, so what do I like?


It responds well to windlight. It is a nicely-sculpted male form, and it’s fitted mesh so you can adjust your shape and have it adjust (at least somewhat) to fit you. I went for way muscular on the legs here, and you can start to see some failings in the figure’s left knee… but really, the torso is a beautiful piece of sculpture, and beautifully textured. The hands are also very nice (though those digits look a smidgen long to me…)


Still, they look as if they’d be attached to a human body in the real world.

It’s as we get into the lower body there are some issues. The butt’s well-done: nice curve, flexes well when in a sitting position… (go check my flickr if you need to look at the butt), but let’s move a bit further down first to see problem #1.


Quick question for you: does your ankle look like that RL? Does ANYone’s ankle look like that?  The term is apparently ‘cankle’, where your calf continues down in a line such that you cannot distinguish it from your ankle. The heel looks odd, too… and before you wonder about this being a foible of the feet being absurdly small, these are set as big as they’ll go. The toes look great, from above (more on this further down).

I have to say that the feet are a big problem, for me! I like a foot to look like a foot rather than a sausage… or like some bizarre flipper on the end of a well-turned limb. The problem here being that these limbs are… curiously turned. The knee looks great from one angle, here:


but if you turn your camera just a bit, the knee starts looking odd. Compare my right knee and my left- does the left look off at all to you? And ignore the cankle, we already touched on that.

There are some problems with elbows too. While the profile view looks better than the default avatar’s profile view on a bicep and elbow, as below,


That’s only really faint praise- the elbows on a muscular male form in SL have always been a problem area. Still, that does look better. Meanwhile, on the inside of the elbow, we have:


Ever seen sausage being made? You knot one end of the casing off good and tight, and then you stuff it with ground meat. And stuff it some more. And some more. And then, you twist it to define where each link is.
It looks a lot like the inside of that elbow, doesn’t it? While the bicep has a nice, almost natural curve to it, this looks like a horrible accident has happened and I’m going to have a dozen pins fitted into my bones!

So I don’t know. There are some major ways it works, and some major ways it doesn’t. I’m not intending to buy a copy, as there’s simply too many funny bits.
And of course, there’s those feet. They look great from above (see below), but I have not seen a view in profile that worked, at all well.


So there’s my L$5 (approximate translation of two cents) worth on The Mesh Project’s male mesh body. Now I do have to point out a few things on their behalf. They have updated this once already since I picked it up on the first day (this is the update), and it is absolutely free. I’d say it’s worth having around, but some of the issues limit its usefulness a great deal.
I hope you enjoyed that little overview, and have a great day!

Skin (head only): Clef de Peau ‘Samuel 04’
Body and its skin: The Mesh Project
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Hair: INK ‘Hair___SEED ::Black’ (@ The Mens Dept)
Shape: my own creation
Pose:  one of the ‘Serpent’ poses from Diesel Works: I unfortunately got out of SL for the afternoon before I thought to check which one.

8 thoughts on “The Mesh Project Male Body, or, Ennio Morricone’s Best-Known Music Goes Here

  1. As I can’t seem to edit the initial post, I should mention that the pose is one of the ‘Serpent’ poses from Diesel Works, which came out a while back and which seems quite fitting to posing in the altogether.
    They come with the serpent, in 3 different textures.

  2. Just wondering… if your feet look a little bit too small, might it be that the rest of your body proportions are too large (taking into account SL males tend to be gigantic)? Very informative review for us males out there. This mesh body is indeed a great improvement over the basic LL male avatar we have had for so long. Have you tried other male mesh bodies (if you haven’t you should), and how do they compare? I don’t want to do it myself, that’s why I’m encouraging you to keep looking on this subject 🙂 I tried this one, and found the lower portion of the leg, from knee to ankle, kind of small compared to the thigh area, but maybe it was me that didn’t adjust it enough to look more normal.

    • I’ve only tried The Mesh Project’s mesh body for men: I haven’t felt like I want to spend the L$ on an experiment. 🙂 Where would you recommend?
      I found the legs really… strangely skinny, in places. And those ankles are just…

      • Well, this month I’ve read some people talking about a male mesh body introduced by Kauna (that one has a “hey, something happened here” butt), and another one by Signature (beefy type) has been a “regular” at The Men’s Dept event for some months now. Two others pop up frequently in the marketplace, Evian and Tellaq (both the muscular type), but I know nothing about those shops. None offer a free version as The Mesh Project does, as far as I know.

  3. Yeah- Tellaq is a non-recommend to me. Their skins leave me cold on the ‘makes Brad Pitt in Fight Club look like he’s slacking off’ front: I can only imagine how much less I’d like their mesh body!
    Signature and Evian may well be worth a gander – I’m sure they must have SOME sort of demo…

  4. Agreed with you, Nath. I gave up on this mesh body because I couldn’t get it near my own shape which frankly, I prefer. I wear SLINK feet and sometimes the hands (extra large) especially for photography but that’s as far as I am going to go with it. Now if Maitreya ever brought out a male body, that might be worth considering. because according to Miss Berry their female mesh body is the bees knees. But honestly, do you want to look the same as everyone else? A darn good skin is the best investment.

  5. Someone pointed out to me that sizing the feet up possibly is a fix for the cankle / flipper-foot issue going on. I haven’t tried it, but I figured I would share this because I know I did not size up the feet. And hey, why not give you, Gentle Reader, every advantage of perspective available?

  6. More data from the commenter inworld, who’s a bit computer-challenged at the moment or would post here without me playing relay:
    I’m trying to see if I have any pics with them showing- here we go and (excuse the arm stuck into the second one!) Also, I don’t think you were using poses with neutralish joints, Nath.

    I am very glad to have a rebuttal or opposite viewpoint to share with anyone who turns up here to read this.

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