A Leaf on the Wind – Being For the Benefit of Ms. Chandrayaan

Another blog post within 48 hours, you guys are gonna start expecting these!

So I got asked if I would share some of the goodies that are at the ‘A Leaf on the Wind’ event going on right now inworld. See, Scarlet Chandrayaan is very sick. This isn’t folks doing a benefit for her to deal with medical issues but instead, putting together some lindens so she can realize her dream of visiting London.

Folks who know me RL would not be surprised I would feel I had to participate in this little dream: London is one of my favorite places on the planet. So… I went around and picked up a few things, and brought them home.

LOTW Final

The chair in this picture is not from the event, but is worth calling your attention to, as it’s one of the designs Scarlet’s put out at her shop, Alouette. It was also the first gacha item that really caught my eye, so I thought I’d sneak it in alongside the other items here.

The skybox and the coat hanging up near the fireplace (and the fireplace logs) are all things I had sitting around- I thought it’d be fun to give the mittens a reason to be on. So here I am, not far from Waterloo Station if I remember my South London skylines right, warming up after being out in the cold.

Let’s look at each of these items on its own, though.

shelf unit

Here’s the “[TS] Recycled Gingerbread Window Shelf” unit which Tiny Spaces is offering at the event. As you can see, the plate and the little birdcage on it, in the first photo, aren’t part of it. The birdcage is how Alouette items were packaged last I picked some up: it seemed appropriate to sneak one into the picture. All the little knick-knacks on the shelf are part of the unit.  As two caught my eye, here they are close up:

shelf unit close up

The level of the detail on those poppies really impressed me- and the little owls, well. I like owls. So. The shelf doesn’t come in 3 different colors to buy- instead, it’s one unit with 3 different possibilities for the color: cream, red, and blue (I didn’t use the blue one in this post).

The next couple of items I got were from Zanzibar creationZ: the ‘Kitschy London Plate – I Love London’ and the ‘London Sweater’. The plate’s in a gacha with 9 other plates and a shelf unit for them (which is the rare item in the gacha).


They’re all quite British, these plates. There does seem to be a bit of a theme, doesn’t there…

sweater and mittens

The sweater has a lovely silhouette of Westminster Palace and the Elizabeth Tower (which you probably know as ‘Big Ben’, but that’s actually the name of the bell that chimes the hour). And the mittens are me being sneaky again and bringing us to our next gacha items from the event, which are from Ama. These are the ‘Jack Mittens: Traditional RARE’ out of the gacha. The thing that really impressed me with both the sweater and the mittens were the subtle touches; they both have a gorgeous knit pattern, and the sweater has these cute elbow patches:

elbow and mitten detail

If you look very closely (I’m afraid I lost some contrast playing around with levels), you can make out the doubled cross of the Union flag on the patches, just like on the mittens.

Ama. did a gacha with several mittens in- I decided I should show you another pair to show off the texturing on these: these are the ‘Monochrome’.

monochrome mitten

Nice texturing, huh? I also grabbed the key so you can plot your attack on the gacha.

ama jack mittens promo

There are, of course, plenty of OTHER things at the event, one of which is bound to make an appearance at some point here: the pose set ‘Four Avatars Crossing a Sim’ Black Tulip is offering, which might have been shot at Abbey Road in London… anyway.

Your purchase at the event helps buy Scarlet a ticket to London: all of these items are at least in part a donation to the cause; many were in excess of 75% donation – so for every L$100 you spend, you’re giving L$75 to Scarlet’s trip fund. There’s a bunch of information on the event over here on the official blog, and there’s also a teleport here. I had some trouble with the teleport, but going to the sim named ‘Adept’ took me right to the landing point for the event.

One last look…

A Leaf on the Wind

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