D-Lab Piccoli 2 (at the Arcade)

So I only just now got around to opening these things up and I have to admit… i’m quite impressed.


I got four of them at this session of The Arcade. Each box (seen at right, witht he fellow in the white hat sitting on it) comes with 1 object (the stump I’m sitting on, the garden that’s being watered, the chocolate stand to the left of the box, or the pair of mushrooms to sit on), and one little Piccoli doll (which would be the small figures wandering around among these things).
And they do wander around! Here is the same scene just about 2 minutes later:


Yes, even the stool that you can sit on has a place on it for the little Piccoli to sit with you and enjoy a cup of something warm and delicious.

They also come with a texture hud so you can change the shirts and pants they’re wearing.

They’re L$100 the pull at the Arcade right now: click here to visit the machine. 

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