Runic Necklaces and Punk Rock Hair

None gave me bread, none brought a horn.
Then low to earth I looked.
I caught up the runes, roaring I took them,
And fainting, back I fell.

-Odin’s Rune Song, author unknown

So *paper moon* had a lovely necklace at We ❤ RP which is now in their store- the Runic Necklace.  I was going to finally get around to babbling about it and lo and behold, there was new hair from Exile. 
Those who’ve known me inworld for a while know that new hair is a thing that always catches my eye, so it’s probably shocking to nobody that this post has something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Borrowed would be the Rune Song above. As I’m sure everybody knows, Odin learned the runes by hanging himself from Yggdrasil, the World Tree, for a week as a sacrifice. And he taught them to everyone else: All-Father indeed.

Paper moon’s necklace is probably not quite so hard to get, and while it’s not as old as the Rune Song either, it’s still older. You can find it at the shop right now. Here it is with the Exile ‘Rise Above All’ hair which is available at Collabor88.

rise above

The Exile hair here is the something new. I tried to keep myself from using any of the black hair values, as what point is there in showing those off, by now? I tend to wear black hair. It’s what happens. So this is the ‘merlot’ value from the red hud, and the purple highlights that are in there.

The necklace also comes with a hud- three colors for the chain (copper, silver, and black), three colors for the runes that are on top (copper, silver and black) and three for the ones in back (you guessed it by now- copper, silver and black). I’ve toyed around with the color values on these a fair bit in the post.
The pose here is from Helamiyo; the ‘Extreme_Fashion1’. Honestly, I enjoy Miyoko’s poses: she isn’t afraid to try things that are kind of extreme, but they always do a nice job of capturing an actual human gesture, as opposed to the complete mess I make when I try to make poses!

There’s three hairs out at Collabor88 from Exile- Rise Above (which is, heh heh, above), Flying Over the Dateline (which I couldn’t quite convince to work well on me- may need to play with that some more, as it’s lovely), and One Way or Another, which I’m wearing here.  I did finally give in and try on one of the blacks, though I did my best to make of it… something blue.

one way or another

nice flow- and it comes in two sizes, a regular and (L). These don’t refer to how big your head is, but your bustline. 🙂

Here it is from the back, too, since I realize I don’t often get a photo of hair from behind.  The poses with the One Way or Another hair are both from Diesel Works’ ‘Gabriel’ pose set.

one way or another back

The hairs are both available at Collabor88: the necklace is available at the *paper moon* shop. 

I hope you have fun with them!

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