Multicultural Menu II: Distorted Dreams, Kaerri, Lark, Second Spaces

Hello all! I had hoped to get this update out earlier, and I am dreadfully sorry that here we are only about a week from the end of the Multicultural Menu event and I’m only now getting caught up.
HOWEVER! Don’t let my failings dissuade you from visiting. I’ve got photos from the other four designers who are part of the Pacific region at the Multicultural menu, and frankly- well, looking at them is making me hungry. First of all, here are a trio of the selections from Distorted Dreams: the Poke Plate, the Hawaiian Fruit Bowl, and the Chick/Pine Kabobs. Look how delicious these things look!

DD - assortment

There’s a whole bunch of items that Distorted Dreams has put together for the event: out of the eight that are available, I picked the ones I knew best RL. What that group photo doesn’t quite capture is the attentive details, so I took a close up of the Poke Plate to show it off a little more clearly:

DD - Poke Plate
Not only are there little balls of salmon on the leaf, but if you look verrrry very closely, you can spot tiny green onion rings interspersed with them. Such attention to how things look on a plate!

Kaerri has a few lovely items out at the event as well: Anzac Cookies (which are a personal favorite snack of mine), a platter of Lamingtons and a Pavlova, a cupcake stand…) but I thought I should share these particular items. kaerri - assortment

From left to right, we have the Tuna & Shrimp Plate, the Sponge Cake, and the Cheese Platter. All three come with a script so you can click and get a skewer of shrimp, or a slice of cake, or a bit of cheese and crackers to nibble on. Part of why I chose these items to share was the simply gorgeous texture work on them. Here’s my personal favorite, the cheese platter, up close:

kaerri cheese plate

First off, I love the bright red-black-and-white pattern that Kaerri has on the plate. Second off… you have to look at the textures closely, here. Look at those crackers.
At RL parties, I’m always the guy hanging around near the cheese plate, who’s curious about the cheese he hasn’t tried, or wants to share what he knows about the cheese he has tried. Those crackers are something I’ve eaten a million million times, it seems like, and the texturing on them in this item!! All the photoshop work I did on this picture was fixing levels, and a bit of blur/sharpen to make things look well and truly unified. But those crackers- that brie- those grapes! Amazing work.

I did actually organize these four designers not JUST alphabetically, but also by the fact that two of them have delicious desserts for us. Also, Lark and Second Spaces have made me smarter. So Lark made pavlovas- I love pavlovas! I didn’t know they came from the Pacific, though- I always think Hawaiian Tongan or Malay when I think South Pacific. As it turns out, though, the pavlova was named for Anna Pavlova, a Russian ballerina in the early 20th century, and was apparently created during or after a tour she took of Australia and New Zealand in the 20s. I never knew that!

Lark has 3 different kinds of fruit out on their pavlovas: strawberry, fig, and berry. As there are four different presentations of these, I thought I’d double up on the strawberries, as to my palate that’s the ‘right’ fruit for on a pavlova.

Lark - Assortment

Now these look just fine here, don’t they? But you really need to look close to see all the careful texturing here.

Lark - pavlovas closeup

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I want to lick these. Or to dip my finger in and suck the creme and the berries off it. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

In addition to learning that the pavlova is from down under, I also learned that there is a thing called a lamington. What’s a lamington? It’s a chunk of spongecake that’s been covered with chocolate sauce and then covered with dried coconut. Sort of like an almond joy bar, for you Americans, if instead of nuts it was a fluffy spongey bit of, well, spongecake.

Second Spaces has brought us Lamingtons: both in the process of being made, and packaged up. I took a photo of both together, as it just seemed appropriate.

Second spaces - lamington prep

Looks delicious, doesn’t it? I’ve never had one, and now I want to find somewhere local to me RL that makes them.

So there’s a few more items from the Multicultural Menu! You can find other areas of the globe and their delicious treats on the website for the event, and you can visit the event by clicking here to get a SLURL! I hope you find the dish of your dreams.

Oh, and the table I used for these photos is actually an old desk from bauwerk/22769, who have a lovely bakery available at the event! More on the bakery is available on the website linked above. 🙂

One thought on “Multicultural Menu II: Distorted Dreams, Kaerri, Lark, Second Spaces

    having edited all these photos in one sitting, I went from ‘gosh dinner was good, I couldn’t possibly eat another bite’ to ‘I NEED A DELICIOUS DESSERT MAYBE A PAVLOVA OR MAYBE A LAMINGTON AND WHY ARE ANZAC COOKIES SOMETHING PEOPLE IN THE US DON’T KNOW ABOUT ANYWAY’

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