Depth of Field – a brief note (part 1.5 of ?, perhaps?)

So something I’ve been playing with lately that ISN’T depth of field but is in the SL Phototools (well okay, the windlight settings) is haze. So there’s two controls on haze that I go to first: they’re HazHoz and HazDen.
HazHoz is ‘how hazy is it way over there at the horizon- is it easy or hard to differentiate between the sky and the land/water over there?’ HazDen is how much haze you see in the general atmosphere.
The other one I play with is DistMult: Distance Multiplier. Basically, crank it up and everything looks like it’s seen through a faint haze.
What can these tools do, you ask? Well here’s something I did in SL which I honestly don’t know if I COULD have pulled off in Photoshop. Again: NO Photoshop was employed here: this is all inworld windlight and phototools effects. anc olive oil.png

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