2013 Avi Choice Awards – vote now!

Just a quickie here.  The 2013 Avi Choice Awards nominees have been chosen for voting, and you can go vote here!

There are some categories I didn’t vote in: I have no idea who the best furry av designer is, for instance (and frankly, am not sure what the areas for critique are on a good furry avatar: I’m frankly impressed by all of them, it’s a lot of imagination and thought that clearly manifests in any of them, so…).  I don’t have opinions on women’s clothing, as I don’t wear it and seldom ask the ladies I know where they got that Awesome Dirndl they’re wearing.

You may have some blank spots too, and that’s OK!  Vote for what you know.
I’m not going to say anything to influence your opinions. Image

Best of luck to all the creators nominated!!