The 100 Block – Camouflage

The room was dark, it looked like someone had to get out fast
A window open by the fire escape
How long have you been following this guy, the bellboy asked
Not long enough, ’cause we got here too late
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today, he said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

It’s the big heat, there’s someone followin’ you
It’s the big heat, step aside, we’re comin’ through

Well, we followed him from Tucson, ended up in Baton Rouge
We trailed him with information by
A woman he knew in Barstow that would like to see him dead
That was four weeks ago?? Well, maybe five
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today,” she said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

-Stan Ridgway, ‘Camouflage’

OK, so I did in fact wind up with one last post to do about The 100 Block that involved guy’s clothes.  This was, actually, the first outfit I played around with: I’ve been saving the outfit I like best that I cobbled together for last! Continue reading

What’s New! (with Phil & Dixie?) with Lapointe & Bastchild

So Depraved Events is hosting Project Limited at present.  All the vendors are offering a limited edition item, which will only be available at this event.
I was honestly going to stop myself.  I was not going to go spend lindens.  But… but then came the notice from a certain Bastchild Lotus, informing me there was a jacket there.


So after dipping into the rainy day fund, I came home to roll around with my favorite snake, the Diesel Works ‘Serpent’ poses, and have a look at this little beauty.


As always, the L&B team haven’t skimped on the textures: there are three different ones for the jacket, and at least six for the T-shirt worn underneath.  You can wear it with, or without, the T-shirt add-on, too!

This particular design really caught my eye, and here’s my little snakey friend again to help me show you what appealed:


The big cross on the back was what really sold me on the thing.  Here it is a little more square-on, without the snake, too!  So you can see what the hey I’m talking about.


Isn’t that gorgeous?  The front’s just as lovely, too.


So that’s the Lapointe & Bastchild ‘Grimm Royale’ jacket, available for both boys and girls at Project Limited, which is located on the Metropolis sim (click to visit it!).

That’s what’s fresh (and for a limited time!) in SL, tonight!


Jacket & shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild “Grimm Royale” jacket set – available only at Project Limited, and for a limited time (there were only 36 left for the guys, when I bought this one!)
Jeans: L&B Mesh Jeans – Mens – Flats Boot Cut Dark Blue
Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style “Samurai”
Hair: Dura “Dura-Boy*43 Black”
Skin: LOGO “Eternal Tristan – Pale – Clean Shaven Bald”
Hair Base: LANEVO MC Hairbase – Buzzcut – Bonnie Black
Hands: Slink “AvEnhance” Relaxed
Shoes: Latreia “Nate Skull”

There’s a new limited edition jacket at Project Limited now, as the 80 copies of Grimm Royale have sold. The new one is named Grimm Pistola, and has a similar style of design on it with a skull framed with pistols and the L&B fleur-de-lis crown. Really, it looks much better than I’m describing it!  And you can be one of the hundred people who get to own it.
Feel free to tug my sleeve if you need a copy of the promo texture!

Thrift Shop 3.0

So I went browsing at the Thrift Shop this round and I have to say- I am pretty happy with the stuff intended either just for boys, or simply for humans!  Let’s have a peek.

This set of jeans and a blazer came from Citrus, as did the shoes!

Here’s the Mens Jeans Green, the Mens Leather Fall Jacket, and the Canvas Shoe Dress Black. 
Here, though, take a closer look: the textures on this stuff are amazing!

Citrus had several things for men, all of which fit well, but this isn’t the Citrus post… 😉
Here’s the Chess Shirt with T-shirt Blue and the Men Short Classic Linen, both from J&A Rock Culture:

And a little closer in on the shirt, so you can see one of the Gacha prizes from Geek, the ‘burgergeek party-crown pak -Classic-‘


This was the cheap and easy, then: I may be able to dig out some womenswear that a man can get away with, too: I’ll keep you posted!  More information on the Thrift Shop is here, at the site.