Better Than The Rest

So this morning I crawled out of bed RL and checked email, and hey, what’s that SL notifications? A new thing from Exile?
I logged in to find out a couple things.
A: Exile has new hair for Mens Dept this round,
B: it’s named Machinehead
C: I look good blonde.


This new hair also has a really lovely profile, as you can see here:


One thing it occurs to me I haven’t really shared about Exile hair that is probably worth noting is the really lovely hud that Kavar does for texture changes. So here’s a photo of it.

exile hud

So this is the ‘Dark Blondes’ HUD: Exile does a variety of colors, but what you may miss out on is that in addition to the ten different tones of dark blonde here… see all the little colored dots around the left-hand side of each circle? Each of those is a highlights color. You can give yourself blue highlights, or purple, pink, white, gray, red, brown, or black- I used the brown highlights in the pictures above.

All that at Mens Dept this round; click here to shop!


Shape: I made it myself
Eyes: FATEWEAR FATEeyes 3.0Skin: Clef de Peau ‘Samuel T4’
Hair: …you read up there, right? Exile ‘Machinehead – Dark Blonde (California)’