You Know Nothing, Nath Pevensey.

So after a dogged search early on in my SL career for a hair to replace the one that a DB glitch had eaten, I had started to consider that I knew a bit about hair in SL.  Especially, hair for us boys. 
No.  No, I was ignorant and dim. 
Why do I say that?

So I was chatting with a friend (BlackLabelMenswear Resident) last night, and bouncing things around he made surprised noises that I had not heard of a particular shop, and threw me a LM.  This means that I finally went hair-shopping at Argrace last night.  Wow!

Quite a few things really awed me about the hair there.  First off, the textures.  Rich, deep dark black (I always wear black hair, it’s my thing, shut up), or lushly bright red/ginger tones (which I won’t show you, because I didn’t buy it in those colors, I just played with the demo).
Secondly, speaking of the demo… there are forty colors in there.  40.  I think we’ve all had the experience of visiting a hair shop and think ‘well… I doubt I’d ever wear this in neon green, but I can tell I like the shape anyway. Hope the hair texture’s any good!’, haven’t we? Argrace doesn’t want you doing that.  Argrace, apparently, want you to be able to try it on and go ‘yeah, that’s the right color value for my complexion, the right shape for my face’ all at once.  The blonde and ginger/redhead values are some of the best I’ve ever seen, as well.
There are several different hairs in their shop: I just bought the one named Peyton, in the ‘Blacks’ pack because I’m predictable like that.

Again with the full-on.  What about the rest, then??


Profile view. It bears note that the sort of spotty-looking locks in front of the ear are on my skin rather than on a hairbase Argrace gave me. It also bears note I didn’t resize this at all, or photoshop (if I had I’d’ve gotten rid of that nagging bit where the jacket’s poking through the scarf, wouldn’t I?).


Third, here’s a serious tip on how to impress me with the clothing/hair/skin/whatnot you’ve made in SL.  You want to do that?  Then just make the back as detailed as the front.  I’ve seen hair where the back of it was as even and regular as a hedgehog’s spines, rather than having any variety to it – even though the front view was terrific.  I’ve seen lackluster texturing in back, too.  What, nobody ever sees the back of an avatar, so you can do these weird… pinched-in textures on the back of a jacket?  You can ‘get away’ with just copy-pasting the same lock across the back of the skull over, and over, and over?  Nobody ever looks at the back of their avatar’s skull while out and about in SL?
See, if you give me a back to the hair you’ve built that at least has a bit of variety or texture to it?  It makes me take a second look, it makes me appreciate the little fussy bits you’ve put in that I might otherwise overlook.  That might just be me, though.

Argrace does women’s hair as well as hair for men: I’d strongly recommend checking them out.  They also keep a blog on a website (scroll down, I linked it below)! 
Okay, one last look before we leave…


You can visit Argrace at their website, or inworld at their store.


Jacket & Shirt: Aitui ‘Layered Jacket – Black’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternity Tristan – pale – clean shaven bk’
Eyes: FATEwear ‘FATEeyes’
Hair: Argrace “Peyton A [resize] – Black”
Scarf: Mr.Poet ‘Wide Scarf’

New hair! New location! New skillset!

So I had a lot of fun yesterday playing with a new toy.  This toy is called GIMP.  No, it is not a man kept in a leather or rubber suit by freakish rednecks in eastern LA; it is a GNU Image Manipulation Program.
So yes, I’m teaching myself the fine art of layering images one over the other.  Sometimes, it works beautifully!


I really did not know how simple it was to USE GIMP to play around with images.  I’d always assumed it was way more of a challenge than I was up to.  Huh!

The location in the background (not in the foreground: I wasn’t in frame at all!) is called ‘Forest of Scissors’: a very interesting build done by one Igor Ballyhoo, and one that appealed to me as a hair addict.  If you want to go nose around the installation, then by all means click here and click on the ‘forest of scissors’ teleporter.

Also yes, I am a hair addict.  I’m constantly buying and trying new or different things with prim hair.  When I saw this installation, I instantly thought ‘well there’s a background for all the hair posts you do, Nath…’ so I got a bunch of photos, which I will be dragging out.  Some of them, though, I may just leave in the drawer: I have NO idea how I could use this one, for example:


but it’s neat, isn’t it?

So, on to the hair, then.  I was particularly struck by the forest of scissors (which sounds potentially fatal, doesn’t it?) because I had finally spent Lindens on new hair from Eclipse.  while I could natter on about it I’ll just show you. This one is called ‘Tidal’.  It’s a little messy and rumpled-looking…

Imageand yet it has a nice sleek look to it, as well. Very appealing stuff: I should’ve been shopping at Eclipse ages ago! (were they even around, ages ago…?)


I did these two against white so you can see all the fine details of the transparent hair prims more clearly: while the Forest of Scissors is a terrific image for drama, not so great for showing off fine details.

And a couple more, just in case you haven’t had enough of me showing off my newly-found image manipulation skills.



You can find the hair at Exile, along with many other appealing styles!

Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – creme – shaved’
Shirt: FATEwear ‘Ronald – Jungle’
Location: “Forest of Scissors”
Hair: Exile ‘Tidal’