So yeah, I lied

I’m not going to sit around the house RL tomorrow night, I’ll be at one of all tomorrow’s parties.  Probably not QUITE this dressed up…


If you need an elegant bar for your own NYE bash inworld, hey, I just blogged about one over at Homestuff!

And for your listening pleasure: All Tomorrow’s Parties, by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Tuxedo: Lapoint & Bastchild ‘Classic Black Tuxedo: Open’Hair: Wasabi Pills ‘Zack – Midnight’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternity Tristan – pale’
Eyes: FATEeyes
Shoes: L&B “Dress Shoe” Buckled Loafer

This is no longer my only blog…

…though it is still my blog, and I will still be blogging in it.  I got the honor of blogging for the Homestuff group about goodies from the designers, about the hunt when it rolls around, about… well, stuff for in your home.  Hence, Homestuff. 😉
You can read my first entry (and find other entries as they come) by clicking here.  Hope you enjoy!

Stuff From Homestuff’s Lounge Gifts!

So there is one drawback to living in a skybox: I don’t have a handy garden plot to drop landscaping goods on.  I’ve used my skybox in past to just have an indoor garden, but somehow that seems too surreal with my current skybox state, so years’ worth of gardening collecting have gone completely to waste of late, with my inventory chock full of items that I never even bother rezzing anymore.

In addition to being a kitsch junkie, I also enjoy playing with gardening.  One of the few projects I’ve pursued from start to finish was doing my own koi pond and waterfall, in my first year inworld.  That went… presentably well, I suppose.
So when Ivy added the Homestuff group to the Menstuff/Womenstuff family of hunts and groups (should I just start calling the collective Stuffstuff?), I was pleased as punch.  As I noted in my prior post, most of what was in there of any interest to people who are of the feminine gender in SL was a single chair, and I promised my next post would cure that imbalance some. So here we go, some baubles and bits for around the house and garden! Continue reading