Marriage Equality’s Unfortunate Consequences (or Meanwhile, in California…)

So for some years, I and some RL friends have made much mock of the doubly-inaccurately-named moral majority in the US, and their handwringing and frenzied shrieking about the concept of gay marriage.  There was a 3-season-long TV show called “Drawn Together” which touched on the core of our opinons with a frenzied speech from the 1-dimensional white-privilege stereotype character, named Princess Clara:
“If gays get married, the institution of marriage will be destroyed! Societies will crumble! Rivers will run with blood! Nazis will once again ride on dinosaurs!!!
It’s probably my favorite joke from the whole series, to be honest, because of it being such an awesome illustration of the failures of logic on the far-right nutcase side of the universe.  Yes, of COURSE Nazis rode on dinosaurs, back in the days before Noah didn’t have room for the dinosaurs on the Ark and they all drowned. That’s why we find their fossils in sedimentary rock, right?  RIGHT???

The episode ends with this video clip:

All this is to prepare you with some context on why the following image exists.  I can only assume someone out there in the Bible Belt is convinced this is actually happening right now, in the Hollywood Hills or somewhere.  There is a cut tag because nobody should be FORCED to see nazis riding on dinosaurs. Continue reading