Thrift Shop – Blissiere Scarves

I like keeping an eye on what turns up at The Thrift Shop. Every so often there’s something stunning that maybe I didn’t realize was for a male avatar, initially. So, here’s one that I am extremely pleased with.  These scarves are from Blissiere:  they come in two FOUR fat packs, with differing prints and colors on them.  Here’s the two fatpacks I had unopened: you can see the varying textures that are available here. These are intended to be unisex, so the creator didn’t do them as rigged mesh to allow you to resize them to fit your avatar (if you’re a kid, say…), or adjust how they’re sitting on your avatar (if you’re a guy). blissiere scarves - fatpacks Continue reading

Lapointe & Bastchild “Death Royale” Men’s Cargo Shorts – Dragon Demon

What can I say about Lapointe & Bastchild I haven’t said a million times before? Paul and Bastchild really do amazing clothes for men and women alike (though obviously, I don’t wear much of the womenswear).  Here’s a pair of shorts they did for Project Limited:

new shorts

They have four textures on them – two with dragon and demon faces on the front of the legs, and two tones of camo (grayscale and a more classic olive-green), which you can switch between with a HUD.  I chose the ones I liked and stuck with them for these pictures. Setting on this first picture is Elegant Environs’ lovely ‘Mya Cozy Cabana’ in Poppy: there’s more on Elegant Environs’ terrific Summer collection on the Homestuff blog, click through to read that entry!  You can also visit Elegant Environs to shop by clicking through on this link (which you will also find in the Homestuff blog if you like viewing previews first).

Here’s a more clothes-centric photo of the new shorts from Lapointe & Bastchild: I’m wearing a slightly older L&B T-shirt with them.

new shorts 2

As usual, Paul’s attention to detail in designing the hang of the garment and the wrinkles (or is that Bastchild’s? I’m really not entirely sure) just makes these work.

There were a hundred-and-twenty-some pairs of these still available when I left Project Limited this evening: you can find a pair of these shorts waiting for you by clicking right here to visit!  The L&B shop has the ‘S’wear’ logo over the entryway and isn’t too far from where you TP in.

Shirt: L&B Swear “Classic” T-Shirt – GE
Shorts: L&B “Death Royale” Men’s Cargo Shorts – Dragon Demon (limited edition)
Skin: Clef de Peau “Samuel T4”
Eyes: FATEwear “FATEeyes”
Hands: SLink “Male hands relaxed”
Hair: Exile “High and Dry” (from Hair Fair)

The 100 Block – Camouflage

The room was dark, it looked like someone had to get out fast
A window open by the fire escape
How long have you been following this guy, the bellboy asked
Not long enough, ’cause we got here too late
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today, he said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

It’s the big heat, there’s someone followin’ you
It’s the big heat, step aside, we’re comin’ through

Well, we followed him from Tucson, ended up in Baton Rouge
We trailed him with information by
A woman he knew in Barstow that would like to see him dead
That was four weeks ago?? Well, maybe five
And everybody wants another piece of the pie today,” she said
You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean

-Stan Ridgway, ‘Camouflage’

OK, so I did in fact wind up with one last post to do about The 100 Block that involved guy’s clothes.  This was, actually, the first outfit I played around with: I’ve been saving the outfit I like best that I cobbled together for last! Continue reading

2013 Avi Choice Awards – vote now!

Just a quickie here.  The 2013 Avi Choice Awards nominees have been chosen for voting, and you can go vote here!

There are some categories I didn’t vote in: I have no idea who the best furry av designer is, for instance (and frankly, am not sure what the areas for critique are on a good furry avatar: I’m frankly impressed by all of them, it’s a lot of imagination and thought that clearly manifests in any of them, so…).  I don’t have opinions on women’s clothing, as I don’t wear it and seldom ask the ladies I know where they got that Awesome Dirndl they’re wearing.

You may have some blank spots too, and that’s OK!  Vote for what you know.
I’m not going to say anything to influence your opinions. Image

Best of luck to all the creators nominated!!

Thrift Shop 3.0

So I went browsing at the Thrift Shop this round and I have to say- I am pretty happy with the stuff intended either just for boys, or simply for humans!  Let’s have a peek.

This set of jeans and a blazer came from Citrus, as did the shoes!

Here’s the Mens Jeans Green, the Mens Leather Fall Jacket, and the Canvas Shoe Dress Black. 
Here, though, take a closer look: the textures on this stuff are amazing!

Citrus had several things for men, all of which fit well, but this isn’t the Citrus post… 😉
Here’s the Chess Shirt with T-shirt Blue and the Men Short Classic Linen, both from J&A Rock Culture:

And a little closer in on the shirt, so you can see one of the Gacha prizes from Geek, the ‘burgergeek party-crown pak -Classic-‘


This was the cheap and easy, then: I may be able to dig out some womenswear that a man can get away with, too: I’ll keep you posted!  More information on the Thrift Shop is here, at the site.

A visit to the Mens Dept

So the Mens Dept opened today, and I figured I would put together an outfit using a couple things from there.  Here’s the Remarkable Oblivion hat named ‘Paragon’ in black, and the Aitui ‘Layered Jacket’ in black.


Here, get a closer look at the hat:


Both jacket (which comes with the shirt!) and hat are at Mens Dept: jacket’s L$199 and the hat, if memory serves, is L$100.  Enjoy!

Mens Dept

Menstuff – second look

Here’s another outfit from the Menstuff hunt that’s going on now through the end of the month – click here if you want to go hunt!


Stylecard: Pose: Posesion: ‘Minimalist him 4’
Skin: Logo ‘Eternity Tristan Skin – Pale – Clean Shaven – Bk’
Hair: Uncleweb ‘Griffin L Meteor’
Shape: my own work
Eyes: Fatewear ‘Fateyes’
Jacket, shirt, pants: Stormcrow Designs ‘Jacket shirt White’ ‘Trench coat Jacket Black’ ‘Black Leather Pants’ (All from Menstuff)

A Little Stuff for Men…

Here’s an outfit put together from the hunt gifts from the Menstuff hunt, going on now through the end of the month! You should totally have a go at the hunt, as you’ll find shops you didn’t know, and items for men that’re genuine quality, and available for you just by hunting down the sculptie blue T-shirt that’s waiting for you to find it!

You can start the hunt by clicking on one of the SLURLs that’s over here on the website, where you can also find hints for the hunt.

This outfit came from (red)sand: the skin came from Peer Designs: both were gifts on the hunt, as was the hairstyle!


Top and sweats: (red)sand “Mesh Tracksuit Vest” and “Mesh Tracksuit Pants”
Hair: Ali & Alli “Sting Hair Black” (with hairbase)
Skin: Peer “Perry skin Menstuff 2013”

At the Bottom of Everything – The Thrift Shop

We must hang up in the belfry where the bats in moonlight laugh
We must stare into a crystal ball and only see the past
And in the caverns of tomorrow with our flashlights and our love
We must plunge, we must plunge, we must plunge
And then we’ll get down there,
way down to the very bottom of everything
and then we’ll see it, we’ll see it, we’ll see it
Continue reading