Is It Any Wonder, You’re Oh Too Cool to Fool? (Faa-aame…) ♫

Someone informed me yesterday evening, quite unexpectedly, that he (or she) was anxious about talking to me because I’m an SLebrity.  And my first reaction was ‘wait… I’m an SLebrity? I just figured I was a noob who’s been at it for a while’.  What changes when someone decides you are an SLebrity (that is, a celebrity in SL)?


Your idols have feet of clay, ladies and gentlemen.  Let them be people, warts and all, and I guarantee that it’ll be more fun when they randomly ask if you have a gacha prize that they are looking for or something!

So yes, apparently, someone got the impression I’m all Serious Business.  Oops, my bad!  I honestly try to make not taking things seriously into the only thing I take seriously. 🙂


You’re in SL to have fun, and so am I, and so’s she, and so are they, and… everybody using SL uses it to have fun.  Some of us have fun playing at shooting each other with AK47s.  Some of us have fun playing at being fashion models.  Some of us have fun designing buildings.  Some of us have fun being gadflies and jabbering away with others.

Have fun.  If something isn’t being fun, find a way to make it fun.

That’s my 5 Lindens’ worth, anyway.  Which is (exchange vagaries and transaction fees ignored) roughly two cents.

I should note: the person who let me know she thought I was a SLebrity is in NO WAY being mocked here.  Indeed, she made me think about that concept which used to be something I’d entertained and which now is just… really? Okay, I guess you’d have a better view of things from out there.  From in here, it honestly just feels like I’m swimming circles in the same goldfish bowl I’ve been in for a good while now as far as SL goes.  I appreciate knowing someone was peeking in! 😉

Putting Some Ducks in a Row

So this is a bit of complaint that crosses my mind from time to time, and never more than after a month or so of the Menstuff hunt (and if you’re a male avatar and need free goodies, Click On Through to the page for the hunt hints and SLURLs, and hunt to your heart’s content for a blue sculpted T-shirt that says ‘Menstuff’ on the chest!).
See, people put a lot of impressive effort into what they make for Second Life.  People crank out I dunno… shirts with terrific prints on them, say.  Or really awesome long hair that’s rigged mesh. Or astonishingly realistic nails for sLink hands – fingernails that look so realistic you can’t believe it.  This flow of creativity is awesome!  People do some amazing stuff with rigged mesh hair (Wasabi Pills comes to mind), or with terrific-looking shirts (tee*fy did some lovely ones in the last round of The Arcade), or they do costumey bits that are reminiscent of everybody’s favorite book for kids, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ (Hi, AUX!)…

…and then they seem to forget, entirely, that people without tits may want to wear these articles.  Note that I didn’t say ‘men’.  There are kid avatars in Second Life too, after all!  Rigged mesh hair that’s shaped in such a way as to ‘leave a space’ for the boobs? Levitates in this weird arch above a male av’s chest.  Or above a kid av’s chest.  Now going back to Wasabi Pills: the design team there is awesome about making sure that there are some things for boys available (and they label them with masculine names, like ‘Orion’ or ‘Erik’) as well as some things for girls and boys (like the hair I’ve been living in lately, which is named ‘Dylan’, a nicely androgynous name).
But what about the… T-shirt I saw with this gorgeous tribal print on it and a pair of C-cups sculpted into it?  Sorry, Nath.  Too much bother to put that same image on a mesh template I could buy for L$150, with shadows already available in a texture layer, and then sell it.  Nope, boys don’t buy shirts.  Boys don’t buy hair.  Gonna do what brings me the bang for the buck and sell shirts for the women, they’re who shops after all!

So let’s talk about ‘bang for your buck’. Did you know that, in 2007, slightly more than 60% of the userbase of Second Life was male avatars? Don’t take my word for it, here’s a table of information from Linden Lab themselves.
Okay, so only women shop?  Why is Menstuff one of the biggest groups in Second Life, then?  There’s seriously over twenty thousand avatars who are not male but want to know about what men might wear?  Are you seeing the gaping hole in the logic here?
Okay, but one has to do things that’re gender specific?
I’ll touch on that one in about 35 hours.

My point with this little jabbering was to make plain the assumptions people operate under about gender in SL, so that something that’s yet to come will have more impact and interest.

Essay the First: Getting Over It and Second Life

THERE is another sort of glory, which is the having too good an opinion of our own worth. ‘Tis an inconsiderate affection with which we flatter ourselves, and that represents us to ourselves other than we truly are; like the passion of love, and that lends beauties and graces to the object, and makes those who are caught by it, with a depraved and corrupt judgment, consider the thing which they love other and more perfect than it is.

-Michel de Montaigne, Essai X, ‘of Presumption’

Anyone else recognize themselves above?  Anyone else ever spotted themselves having too good an opinion of their own worth?
I have, from time to time (and some might argue, daily), indulged in this particular vice. I do try not to, at least.
It bears note, by the by, that M. de Montaigne wrote these words at least 420 years ago (as 1592 was his final revision of his noteable work, Essais.  But it has some relevance to our very lives today, doesn’t it?)
Why does one presume?  Why does one magnify his self-worth beyond that of everyone else?  Philosophy and sociology have advanced any number of possible answers, of course, but I’m going to modestly advance my own theories, here.

Warning: egos will be shredded, past the more tag.  You are warned.  If you feel your ego’s getting shredded, at least take some comfort in the fact that nobody knows I’m talking about you until such time as you comment.  To paraphrase Mark Twain, “it’s better to be thought an arrogant prick than it is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

Continue reading

Ye Olde Scam

So.  Last night, I was wandering around The Boys of Summer and got IMed by one ’emiiliaredgrave’ about joining her group called ‘*Redgrave Fashion* GroupGift’.  She wanted me to spend L$500 to join her group.
My ears perked up a bit when this happened, as the designer at Redgrave Fashion is not ’emiiliaredgrave Resident’, but ‘Emilia Redgrave’.  I took a moment to take a peek and noticed that she was… 1 day old.  Continue reading


One of those weird days where every conversation seems to have the same root.  And I scratch my head and wonder again about why I think astrology is bullshit, because today is totally a venus-in-the-fifth-house day (I do at least know what the bullshit is framed as, even if I don’t believe in it).
Weeeird, though, when a half-dozen folks are wanting to have similar conversations with me.  Not weird that they’d all want to talk to me, or even would want to bring similar personal issues to me, but weird that it’s all within an hour of each other.
I’m gonna put on Robyn Hitchcock’s cover of ‘FunkyTown’ and see what I can do, here.  Here, listen to a good old-fashioned rock-and-weird boy from Paddington doing a very loving cover of a funkadelic tune.

Quietly, thank you!

While I started blogging about SL as just an experiment, and a pastime, it’s honestly become something of a commitment and a pleasure to me.  I have fun taking pictures of new things, finding things I didn’t know about and (hopefully) you didn’t know about too.  I do cultivate a weird relationship to seriousness around here: I take not being serious VERY seriously.  It’s just more fun for me and for you that way, I figure.
The fact I’ve gotten over 3100 views since early February, without joining any feeds or really doing much promotion at all?  Says to me that people must be having fun with it too. You wouldn’t bother reading if it was boring, right?
Thank you for entertaining my desire to amuse and to entertain.  I hope the next four and a half months are just as much fun for us all!
By the way, if you’re doing something fun inworld, or something interesting or unique, please do feel free to let me know about it: you might well wind up right here where you’re reading this!
Here’s a bit of a teaser from the new thing I found inworld today: more to come tomorrow, when I can give you more useful information.


Something to keep in mind

While we all have our off days from time to time, we should take pains to remember that the evidence we leave of those bad days, online, is something that turns up when someone looks at where we’ve been and what we’re doing.  Try to be nice to people from day to day, and if you do have a terrible rotten no-good day of it, try to apologize for what happened as soon as you recognize it. 
It can be amazing what being a civil person will do for how people deal with you!

Let’s put on the retrospectacles…


Something that I do and don’t enjoy is looking backwards.  On the one hand there’s always something awkward I’ve done in the past that my mind just won’t let me let go of and find peace.  On the other hand, there’s always nostalgia, that fond pair of rose-tinted glasses that always make what came before seem to glow with a golden shine, like some sort of well-polished oak furniture or something King Midas touched. Continue reading