In which something new pops up even while I’m taking photos.

There’s always something you haven’t seen before, always something new. Always something different.  I found out about the mesh clothes at Reila, and figured it was worth a look: hey, a designer I don’t know is playing with Mesh. Maybe they’re doing something cool and exciting.

Hoo boy yes. I fell quite hard for their Tartan Trousers, which had a lovely punkrock old-school feel to them (Gaultier would be proud), and decided to put together a look around them: to ‘fashion frankenstein’, as Paradox Messmer puts it. How about this coat.  that coat? The other coat? Hrmm… what coat, oh wait, I know, the +grasp+ ‘Leather biker jacket 2012(mesh)/Navy/mens’ I have from last year.



So I had just found the right location and gotten a couple of very basic photos taken (see above). Grasp always makes me think of Shinjuku in Tokyo, or of cyberpunk.  Or of both. I’d just started taking photos and was getting ready to do some high-rez ones when a little blue box told me that one of my favorite designers had just released a new biker jacket.  Okay, back to square one… with another jacket I like quite a lot: the new Lapointe & Bastchild “L&B Swear Mesh “Classic” Mens Leather Jacket -Black Multi&HUD 2″.

Just like the tuxedo I mentioned earlier, this also comes with a hud.  You can choose 4 different leather textures with it.

Stitched: Image

Regular: Image

Quilted: Image

And the rather intriguing PVC:Image

Now, I got sneaky in there. Didja notice the zippers and the buckle changing color? The HUD has a bronze and a steel texture for the zips and the buckle- the lining as well, though that’s pretty hard to see change.  I’m sure you noticed also that I changed the shirt. That’s because with the HUD you can pick from 8 shirt textures (4 plain T-shirts, 4 printed) , so you can customize your look a bit.
Run, don’t walk, to Lapointe & Bastchild!

New addition to the Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Men’s Open Tuxedo!

So back in February, when I initially blogged about this awesome tux, Bastchild and Paul had rushed to get four looks out ASAP just to be able to get the thing available for Valentine’s Day.  red, gray, black, and white cummerbund and tie and pocketsquare.  They did want to come back to it eventually, and well… they did.  A whole WEALTH of colors are available for this suit now!  I picked up the green accessories, since green’s my favorite color.

If two's company and three's a crowd then what the devil is this?

So here’s the L&B AddOn Deluxe “Silk Dark Greens” for MESH Classic Tuxedos. Colors are, from left to right: Ivy, Emerald, Olivine, and Loden.

Another L$200 (roughly) and you get a whole new look to go with your tux!

The poses here are from PosESioN, and are their contribution to The Event: Hollywood.

Nath darling, even Amanda de Cadenet can remember the word “accessories”.

So a second post about stuff from The Event: Hollywood.  First off, two items of clothing I forgot to blog in my last post! So here we go: another new outfit from the Event: Hollywood’s 80some designers.

The shirt is from Graffitiwear, and is their offering for The Event for men: it comes in several different colors, I chose purple because I like purple!
The pants are the LMDforMen ‘Beach Bum Pants’ in Pewter.
Both are really quality stuff: nice rich textures, and the mesh is well-sculpted to fit an avatar without seeming completely deranged in some fashion.  I definitely have to keep an eye on what the folks at Graffitiwear are doing with mesh, this is majestic stuff. And who are these LMD people and why is all their stuff not IN MY WARDROBE RIGHT NOW?

Now this post was SUPPOSED to be about hats, gloves, shoes and jewelery.  Yes, accessories.  It’s an open secret but a dirty little one that most designers don’t bother making these things for boys.  They don’t make interesting necklaces: here, have a serpentine chain, guys. Maybe I’ll put a pendant on it.  Meanwhile they’re cranking out tons of gorgeous necklaces and bracelets and bracers and crowns and tiaras and and and for the ladies.  Browsing through The Womenstuff news on The Event: Hollywood, I found myself wanting a few things and well.

Ever wonder if you could wear those items, boys?
Guess what: you almost always can, with a little work!


Here’s the Aidoru jewelery gift for the ladies at The Event, as worn by me.  Simple trick to it, really.  A: I sized it up about 20%-25%, so it fit around my neck. B: I used the ‘edit’ function to rotate the pendant downwards and back. The necklace was designed with the idea in mind that one would have the pendant sitting atop their bosom: I haven’t GOT a bosom, so.  Step C: I tweaked around with the chain fastener in back so it didn’t poke out from my spine quite so much. A little bit finicky but LOOK at this thing, boys.  It’s gorgeous, ain’t it??? The gemstones are multi-colored, resettable with a HUD. So’s the metal, and the metal also has several different levels of reflection built in.


This is another necklace, by {me.}, the ‘Diva MAXI neclace // green’.  This one I thought worked pretty well for a guy, because while it’s not Ravingly Macho Masculine Grwar 24k Testosterone, it’s certainly not assaultively feminine.  Imagine it around the neck of an elf avatar, say.  Or with a nice long hair like some of Wasabi Pills’ rigged mesh stuff.

One last photo for you, then!  Here’s a couple things which I thought really played up the machismo of my avatar:

These are from Eclectica – the ‘Flaunt’ headdress and fans in fuscia.  What can I say. Sometimes, you need the ostrich fans and headdress: I’m set for Rio de Janiero night at the nightclub, now!

And that’s what’s fresh and exciting!

There’s a Light, Over at the Frankenstein Place

Last night, after I did the Game of Livingrooms post, I was chatting on the Homestuff channel in Second Life, as I’d come up with something I needed for the house and was having trouble finding it.
If you don’t know what Homestuff is, it’s a roughly-annual hunt that is moderated by a team of select individuals (and also me), where the point is about exposing the hunters to new and innovative home design.  I’ll let the more erudite members of the gang speak for themselves here, on their website.

I’ve been a fan since Ivy Maverick started the group, which is how I came to volunteer to mod: the crowd are nice folks, too, everyone’s extremely helpful and friendly.  There is a minimal fee to join (L$50), so as to cut down on spammers, but you can more than make that up with the gifts available in the Lounge (ask on the channel!).  As the Homestuff crew is a phenomenally smart group about what’s new and interesting in Second Life home furnishings, I figured this group of folks would be a terrific place to bounce around the tricky question of where to find the light fixture I wanted.
See, the skybox I’m living in nowadays is very early-20th-century, very Deco, and I wanted a light fixture that’d look of the period. What the hell, if I’m going to play with my dollhouse, I want it to look Just Right, dammit.
Don’t comment on the huge Easter Island statue in the corner, all right? If you don’t think that’s right, I don’t know what to say to you.
So anyway… I threw the question out to the Homestuff gang, figuring hey, they’re home-design fans, they’re going to know where I might find what I’m looking for.  And I got a few great suggestions (including one I’m likely going to have to go back for), then I got an IM from someone. One of [CIRCA]’s designers, to be specific.
Now, [CIRCA] make gorgeous stuff. For those who’ve been following along and wondered where I was when I took my interior photography, it was one of their builds: the “[CIRCA] – “Studio Coast” Loft Build – Grunge Tan” (and really, if you want a nice big open space with lots of room for fun with shadows and light, BUY THE LOFT BUILD NOW!).  The funky branch with the photo frames on it was a hunt gift, also from CIRCA, so yeah, I’ve shown you a couple of their items here… so when Cherelle Capra IM’ed me to say she had something she thought might suit the need, I was all ears, naturally!


May I have the pleasure of introducing you to the [CIRCA] – Venetian Chandelier – Radiant Gold.  This is part of an upcoming release (or may be part of it): I saw it finished also in a lovely aqua-tone palate, and while I didn’t see more than that, Cherelle gave me the impression she was planning on several different finishes.

It gives off a good bit of light:

Imageand is covered with gorgeous textures, as you’ve already seen.  Cherelle’s planning on doing several different color tones with them, and the price point she’s thinking about is somewhere in the $L300 range.  Not too pricey, considering what a beautiful piece of work it is!

I say ‘may be’ part of an upcoming release, as Cherelle thought she might not do it in this color for wider release.  This certainly should give you an idea of what IS coming in that release, though.  So keep your eyes open for the Venetian Chandelier from CIRCA…

Image…appearing here with other items from [CIRCA] Living: the six pieces of framed art on the left and the branch on the right are both hunt gifts from [CIRCA] Living.  If you are shopping for home decor, I can’t recommend them highly enough!! Click on their name to get an SLURL so you can visit!

Two posts in one day!

So I did a little more exploring today, and got given something that I’ve been playing with here and there.  Something people have been doing recently (or that I’ve discovered recently) is the idea of using a tattoo layer to darken up a skin with a tan.  I love the idea, myself: it’s a nice way to buy one skin you like, and have several different tones available in it.

The ones I got today are from Black Label Menswear and are going up on their marketplace store later today, with an inworld release to follow soon after: the item is called ‘SkinTints – Skin Tone Enhancers’.  There are five different tones all in all, for the low low price of L$150 for ALL of them (!), but I’ve only photographed three of them – along with my own skin for comparison’s sake.


From left to right, this is: BLM’s SkinTints – Skin Tone Enhancer in ‘Dark Tan’, ‘Medium Tan’, ‘Light Tan’, as well as the colortones of Ispachi’s ‘ISPACHI Skin [ GABRIEL ] Creme ~ Bald/Shaved’, for comparison’s sake.

As you can see, a variety of tones exists, allowing you to go from beach-bronzed to lightly tan, all with a single L$150 purchase!  I also took photographs of me in a skin from Tellaq – the ‘Avenger Skin Style 1’ – both with and without the dark tan BLM tattoo layer, so you can compare the differences in how it affects the sharper details in that skin:


These certainly look like they’d be a handy investment for anyone who wants to mix it up a bit going to a more tan look!  You can find them, again, at Marketplace, in the Black Label Menswear shop. Have fun, beach bunnies!


Hair: W&Y ‘Apollo’

Skin: Ispachi ‘Gabriel – creme’

swim trunks: Retroswim’s ‘(RS) Choco-Black Polka Trunk’

Curio Obscura (the New and Unusual)

There are plenty of weird, odd, and amusing things out there in Second Life.  Some of them I got for free (like the salut chaotique and the onigokko), some of them I bought.  A lot of the really terrific ones I own came from a shop called Curio Obscura, whose creations always make me think of a line from Beetlejuice: ‘people ignore the strange and unusual. I, myself, am strange and unusual.’

So I’ve gotten a lot of interesting stuff there over the years.  The Clockwork Moustache (which was free):

The Rococo Fantastico hairstyle, which every well-dressed drag queen needs (L$450):

And most recently to me, the Riderball (which is a L$75 gacha prize in the store):


The Riderball is one of the most amusing things I’ve encountered in SL in a good while.  Your avatar stands on top, and when you want to move forward your avatar slowly (or rapidly!) walks backwards, rolling the ball forwards.  You can turn and go backwards too, of course.
What makes it is Pandora Wrigglesworth’s attention to detail: she made sure that your avatar’s movements on the ball differ from your AO.  You sway from side to side, with arms darting this way and that to keep your balance.  You walk carefully along the contour of the ball, rather than walking on air above it.

Also, it’s just funny.  I giggle every time I walk around on the thing.

In case you haven’t found Curio Obscura yet, let me throw you a link to to the inworld store, so you can visit.
And that’s what’s new and amusing today!

I found some more fun whackiness from C.O., coming at the Gacha fair!

Lapointe & Bastchild Classic Black Tuxedo (mesh design)

So Lapointe & Bastchild have been playing around with mesh lately.  A lot of us are cautious about the mesh we use, and with good reason!  I’m not a fan of mesh jeans with a non-Mesh top, or with a mesh top that doesn’t hang over.  The alpha prim almost always shows at the waist on me with a non-mesh shirt, making it look as if I have Mysteeerious Haaaaunted Paaaaants. Every piece of mesh that L&B have produced and I’ve tried, I’ve loved.  The jeans they’ve been doing come in SEVEN sizes, which reduces the odds of the Mysterious Haunted Pants happening, and the shapes they sculpt for pants are, uhm, nice and flattering to one’s backside.
When I heard that they were going to do tuxedoes, I was thrilled: I’ve always liked L&B’s formalwear for men, and I assumed that when they played with mesh I would also be thrilled.  So, sadly, nothing to report here… except that the suits are positively gorgeous, and come with a HUD so you can set several different textures on several different parts of them.

This suit’s brand-new – Paul and Bastchild just got it out last night.  The tux has several textures available: from a simple wool tuxedo to a glossy silk edge for the tuxedo’s lapels.  The stripe on the trousers has the same variety available. Here’s a pic:


As you may have noticed, there are more than one color for the tie and cummerbund and pocket square available; you can set these with the HUD as well, easy as point-and-click. Here’s the four basic looks that L&B have supplied: you can mix-and-match any of the two shirts and four accessory colors as you choose!


And as Bastchild’s forte is the patient attention to detail and texture involved in creating remarkable little jewels, flowers, and other sculpted accents for the clothing that she and Paul make, here’s a glance at some of the cufflinks she’s made to go with the suitImage

You can acquire this suit from the marketplace website, or from Lapointe & Bastchild’s inworld store.


Suit, accessories, and shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild (note: Shoes are sold separately)

Hair #1: LoQ “Malibu”
Hair #2: W&Y “Appollo”

Poses: ‘Dante’ and ‘Gabriel’, from Diesel Works.

UPDATE: I should have linked to Lapointe & Bastchild’s blog above!  Do have a peek.