The Stars Are Out Tonight (at The Event: Hollywood!)

So I got to go to The Event – Hollywood early, as I am a lucky lucky son of a gun.  Here’s a few photos, and some David Bowie lyrics, as they seemed terribly appropriate.

Stars are never sleeping
Dead ones and the living



We live closer to the earth
Never to the heavens
The stars are never far away
Stars are out tonight!

They watch us from behind their shades
Brigitte, Jack and Kate and Brad


From behind their tinted window stretch
Gleaming like blackened sunshine

Waiting for the first move
Satyrs and their child wives
Waiting for the last move

contemplative ivy

Soaking up our primitive world

Their jealousy’s spilling down
The stars must stick together

We will never be rid of these stars
But I hope they live forever


And they know just what we do
That we toss and turn at night
They’re waiting to make their moves
But the stars are out tonight

Here they are upon the stairs
Sexless and unaroused


They are the stars, they’re dying for you
But I hope they live forever


They burn you with their radiant smiles
Trap you with their beautiful eyes
They’re broke and shamed or drunk or scared
But I hope they live forever…

The Event – Hollywood opens tomorrow evening SLT!  All the street photography is from the sim, while the indoor photos are of yours truly modelling the following:

Gabriel’s “::GB::Zebra Sunglasses(white)” (from the Gabriel SwagBag)
GlamDammit’s “Display Jacket and pants. (Partial Mesh)” (released specifically for the event!)
Gabriel’s “::GB::MESH Boots in Pants (Paisley)” (this includes the boots in those pictures)

All this gorgeous window-dressing and all these lovely clothes came from Hollywood: The Event, a fashion show and commemoration of the truly brightest stars in Second Life fashion, grand opening tomorrow!

Hey, I got some shameless promotion here!

So I figured out what to do with that awesome orange-and-red-and-yellow image from the Forest of Scissors!


IM me in Second Life if you want a copy of the shirt- it’s yours free for the asking!
Hee, that was kind of fun.

Why yes, this is the first piece of clothing I’ve made in Second Life, too.  And yes, the name of the object will remind you whose blog it came from.  SUBTLE promotional material, people. I don’t need a shirt that says ‘LOL TWITTER.COM’, I’d rather a nice cozy scarf that happens to have come from  Wouldn’t you?  So, an intriguing image on a rather mediocre (I’ll own that myself) T-shirt.

In which we discover fireworks! And marching band hats! And uhm… oh right, why we hang onto ancient things!

So last night, it got mentioned to me that the illustrious Uriah Eulenberg (the mad genius behind the Balaclava instruments I’ve been loving so much from the Gacha event at The Arcade (and no, I’m still not done jabbering on about that)) had also done marching-band hats as a gift to those who subscribed to the newsletter at the store (and as Hope just pointed out to me, there are also NINE OTHER free items in the history on Balaclava’s subscribe-o-matic).  So I promptly went over to Balaclava (as you can do if you click the preceding link), and got me one!  After all, far be it from me to turn down something I didn’t have, for free, from someone whose other work I’d liked.  Indeed, I liked the band hat so much I decided it needed a photo, but where…
A bit of SL Search, and I had my answer.


Don’t ask why I had stripey red and white pants in my inventory. Just don’t.

I went to DeCuir Creations to browse around, and caught their fireworks display demo, quite accidentally, at just the right angle to get a bit of ambiance for the whole thing.  And digging through my inventory debating what would go well with the hat wound up with me finding the hair I’m wearing, which I’d forgotten all about, as well as the striped pants.  OK, the reason I said don'[t ask me why I have them is I honestly don’t remember why.  But weren’t they the perfect thing with the band hat and the drum!  I would’ve been lost dressing up for this photo without them, truth be told.
Now speaking of lost, where’s that blasted sousaphonist…

* * *

As a bonus, since my last entry had no photo in it, here’s a second pic.  I went to a sim that got named on someone else’s blog, named Cupcake, as the photos he’d gotten really struck me with the way they reminded me of Paris.  The sim’s a beautiful build, full of little back-alleys and staircase streets a la Montmartre.  They also have a rainstorm installed under grey gloomy skies, which wound up with me going here:


So there you go, three things you probably didn’t know when you woke up.  Enjoy your Second Life!


BOTH Photos:
Skin: Ispachi “Gabriel”
Eyes: No, they’re not available inworld anymore, g’wan, beat it, get offa my lawn.
Shape: Made it myself, it’s not for sale.

Photo 1:
Jacket and shirt: Gabriel “::GB::military Suit with Boots(black)”Hat: Balaclava “BALACLAVA!! Marchin’ On – Shako hat”
Pants: FIR “Red Stripy Pants 1”
Hair: Naughty ‘Dare’ (restyled by yours truly to fit under a hat)

Photo 2:
Hat and Hair: Mr.Poet “Bakerboy Cap and Hair” Jacket: +grasp+ “Cargo Jacket (olive)”
Scarf: +grasp+ “Skull Desert Scarf” (group gift from the shop!)
Shirt: Lapointe & Bastchild “Death Royale”
Pants: “Pixelmen Jeans Black Pants” (w/ prim cuffs)