In Which I Am Not Maxfield Parrish

Nor am I Alphonse Mucha.

I got a rather amusing and curious piece of work the other day – a limited edition couture headdress from Gizza.  I believe they only sold 100 of them.  I have one, since it wasn’t TERRIBLY pricey to buy.  Looking at it put me in mind of Alphonse Mucha’s posters for Sarah Bernhardt’s shows in Paris, from back in the Art Nouveau era…


And I figured I should see what I could do as far as something comparable to Mucha’s posters with it.  And went some curious places.

So here’s the headdress unmodified.  It’s mod and copy-OK, so I can cheerfully tweak the living crap out of it and not really worry, as there’s an unmodified one in my inventory, which looks like this: Continue reading

On Things Japanese (with a few haiku, via Strawberry!)

As you may have noticed from a recent post, I like Japan.  I like the culture, I like the look of the country, I like the architecture, I like the food, I lke the clothing.  This holds true in Second Life, as well: there’s some remarkable things being done by Japanese creators inworld, creators that many of us probably never even heard of.
I feel a little retrospective, today. Someone I know had his rezday today, and it got me to thinking about the fact my fifth is coming up.  Which got me to thinking about where I’ve been, where I’m going… and also thinking about what I was doing just at that moment! Continue reading