Thrift Shop – Blissiere Scarves

I like keeping an eye on what turns up at The Thrift Shop. Every so often there’s something stunning that maybe I didn’t realize was for a male avatar, initially. So, here’s one that I am extremely pleased with.  These scarves are from Blissiere:  they come in two FOUR fat packs, with differing prints and colors on them.  Here’s the two fatpacks I had unopened: you can see the varying textures that are available here. These are intended to be unisex, so the creator didn’t do them as rigged mesh to allow you to resize them to fit your avatar (if you’re a kid, say…), or adjust how they’re sitting on your avatar (if you’re a guy). blissiere scarves - fatpacks Continue reading

Thrift Shop 3.0

So I went browsing at the Thrift Shop this round and I have to say- I am pretty happy with the stuff intended either just for boys, or simply for humans!  Let’s have a peek.

This set of jeans and a blazer came from Citrus, as did the shoes!

Here’s the Mens Jeans Green, the Mens Leather Fall Jacket, and the Canvas Shoe Dress Black. 
Here, though, take a closer look: the textures on this stuff are amazing!

Citrus had several things for men, all of which fit well, but this isn’t the Citrus post… 😉
Here’s the Chess Shirt with T-shirt Blue and the Men Short Classic Linen, both from J&A Rock Culture:

And a little closer in on the shirt, so you can see one of the Gacha prizes from Geek, the ‘burgergeek party-crown pak -Classic-‘


This was the cheap and easy, then: I may be able to dig out some womenswear that a man can get away with, too: I’ll keep you posted!  More information on the Thrift Shop is here, at the site.