In which we learn that SOME KINDS of beauty are only skin deep

So I had found a skin to try out on my avatar.  I liked it!  I thought it had a nice boyish look to it, and I looked forward to remodeling my avatar to suit it perfectly, and I cheerfully ponied up a ton of lindens…

…only to discover that the stupid fucking vendor was set up with buttons for which hair-color you wanted on the skin.  Now I can understand and even praise wanting to offer more variety!  As someone I knew once upon a time would complain, his avatar being nearly white-blonde should probably not be forced to have black eyebrows.  But could one not just build a vendor where you click the level of facial hair you are going to buy, and instead of just saying saying ‘gimme yer dough [yes] [no]’, it instead says ‘pick the hair color you want for eyebrows and bodily hair [black][brown][blonde]’ and THEN says ‘gimme yer dough for ‘Skin name – BLONDE’ when you’ve picked?

If you’re any good with scripting, get on this one, kids: I’m sure some retailer in Second Life would be thrilled to be able to spare themselves whiny IMs from idjits like me who got the wrong color.

However!  I do try to keep the blog about things that are new, so here’s a little thought experiment.  Did I, or did I not, change my shape between any two of these photos?


I didn’t think I’d look that cute as a blonde.  But here, closer up you might be able to spot if I changed shape or not.


Interesting, isn’t it?  Same exact shape in both photos, same eyes, but the avatar looks completely different with blonde hair and eyebrows than with black hair and eyebrows.

So yeah, there’s a lesson to learn here: all skins are not equal, and any shape is changed by wearing one.


Hoodie: Loordes of London “Central Line Hoodie-Green”
Jeans: .:L&B:. “S’Wear Mesh Mens Jeans boot cut (Dark Blue)”
Shoes: [monso] “My Studded Oxford – Black”
Shape: Made it myself

Blonde hair: Dura, “*Dura-Boy*37(Sandrift)”
Black hair: Exile, “Tidal – Raven”
Blonde-haired skin: LOGO “LOGO Eternity Tristan Skin Clean Shaven Bl”
Black-haired skin: Ispachi “Gabriel – Creme – shaved”

3 thoughts on “In which we learn that SOME KINDS of beauty are only skin deep

  1. Wow – that is quite a difference, Nath! Very interesting in that you didn’t change the shape at all. I always get demos of skins as I really can’t be bothered to change the shape of my face to fit the skin. There are definitely brands of skin that suit me… Birth, LaVie, Akeruka and Redgrave. However, it’s not all of their skins, just some of them. It gives me a wide choice, though, and they are really superb skins. Hair style and colour, also eye colour – which seem initially to be only small changes – can end up with a radically different look. If someone has a talent for styling, it makes things a lot easier, too.

    You definitely look younger as a blonde but also I think that the hair swept across the forehead makes a difference to the overall look. Cute 🙂

    • Agreed: the blonde look is younger, though the brunette version of that skin is also rather younger looking on me (see my more recent post to the blog). I liked the younger look, which was why I wanted to buy it in the first place. But hey, if I screw up and buy the blonde one, least I can do is take Second Lemons and make Second Lemonade. 😉

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