Gacha Fair part 3: I can’t be left to my imagination…

So I hadn’t intended to do three posts on the gacha fair that The Arcade organized, but I’ve gotten so much awesome out of them that it’s exhausting. No seriously, I’ve worn myself out trading things for other things for other other things to get the thing I wanted.  At this point I’m just done.  Let me rest.  Let me snore. Image

Let me be weak, let me sleep, and dream of sheep…

Rejuvenated in the morning, then, I started examining the things I had, by the light of day and with a less wearied mind.  There’s a lot of terrific stuff going on in the gachas, and I’m very happy to give it all a home!  Several lovely poses like the prop-and-pose in the prior photo as well as the prop-and-pose in this photo:

There were also a few manically interesting things like the instruments from Balaclava, which you can play individually or get a dozen people together and play en masse as a marching band:Image

Oh and then there was the insane fixation I developed on the one pair of antlers from +half-deer+ that I HAD TO HAVE.  They’re in all of the photos above.

It’s surprising to me how many lovely things there are in the Gacha Fair: things for everybody!  Poses, accessories, ridiculous musical instruments, I didn’t even touch on the awesome music boxes that [ContraptioN] did…

Really, you have to check it out.  A whole lot of things you’ve never seen before!

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